Located in Brussels,

TAKUMI is a tasty japanese restaurant serving fresh gyoza and donburi.


Takumi opened in 2015 and is located in the heart of Europe, in Brussels, Belgium. Owned by two Belgian brothers, Alexis & Arnaud Mestdag, who owe their passion for cooking from their mom, Takumi is born after a trip to Japan.
In Tokyo, Alexis and Arnaud had a real taste of fresh gyozas and donburis, wanting to share their experience, they created Takumi. The idea was to offer a place with a cosy atmosphere, good food but still for an affordable budget.  

Located by Brussel's very own "Place Flagey" and "Place Jourdan", you will enjoy a refined, light and colorful restaurant.
Perfect for a night out on the town or a quick and delicious lunch.

Takumi offers fresh and homemade GYOZAS. A Gyoza is a fresh japanese pan-fried dumpling stuffed with meat, spices and vegetables. Ours are homemade and exceptional.

In Japanese, "Donburi" literally means "bowl", but as a dish, it refers to rice dishes served in bowls, with other food on top of them, making a complete meal in a bowl. We serve various tasty Donburis with meat, veggie or fish toppings you will love.

We also serve our very own beer, handcrafted and brewed in a small Belgian Brewery in Jandrain-Jandrenouille.


Photos by Nastassia Gumuchdjian - Florence Geens - The foodalist -  Deliveroo





8 Rue Lesbroussart

1050 Brussels - Ixelles - BE

T: 0032 488 43 04 42


Mon 6:30-10 pm                                                  Tue - Fri 12–2 pm / 6:30-10 pm                          Sat 12–2 pm / 6:30-10:30 pm
Sunday closed



67 Place Jourdan

1040 Brussels - Etterbeek - BE

T : 0032 484 02 82 49


Mon - Fri 12–2 pm / 6:30-10 pm                          Sat 12–2 pm / 6:30-10:30 pm
Sunday closed

We are sorry but we don't accept reservations